Unique Frontline Protection Training Academy has a great employment opportunity, which offers an excellent regulation of delivering a vast selection of training aspects, such as:

  • Door Supervisor
  • CCTV Operator
  • Security Guarding

Mission statements:

  • We equip out clients and students with the expertise and knowledge they need for the role ahead
  • To provide skills and knowledge that is relevant to the role
  • To be honest, reliable, putting our students needs at the forefront when delivering services to you.
  • To meet your needs and surpass our students expectations for our courses and work.
  • To provide understanding and help confidence for the role
  • Every single student’s future is important to us, therefore we take working with you seriously, in making sure we equip you with the best you need to start your career in this role.
  • Working close with every student and client to ensure growth and success for your future.
  • Fully qualified staff and trainers, who are aware and up to date with everything in the industry, so our students are always informed and updated
  • To provide safe and a secure environment for our students to learn and flourish at every level they are on.
  • We put people to work and get you started in your Security Career
  • We are thorough to ensure all our students questions are answered
  • We are efficient and make sure our students well developed and can thrive in the industry, even years after completion of the training.
  • We listen to our students and make they have a voice to express their needs and thoughts and are in a learning environment.
  • We provide an environment where every learner is respected, free and can thrive for their best future
  • We provide our learners with material and information that is clear and understandable and will be able to be implemented.
  • We display and give professionalism at all times to ensure the best standard in our services to you, to give you the best start in your career.
  • Providing you the best and committed team to ensure the success of our students and pass rate.
  • To provide the best learning experience for all our learners ensuring their best interest at all times.
  • We pride ourselves in giving the best quality and care to our learners during and after training to ensure a good transition in starting work and finding yourself in the industry.
  • We are accountable to make sure we stay committed to our promises to our learners to ensure a satisfactory service to our clients at all times is delivered.
  • Every student is respected and treated fairly no matter your race, gender, religion, sex and/or background and we are non-compromising on this, to ensure a safe and secure place for every learner in our school.
The SIA Door Supervisor licence allows you to work in the private security industry as a door supervisor, CCTV Operator or security officer.
If you are SIA licenced you would usually work at licenced premises but you can also work in wider range of roles such as static guarding,

Getting the level 2 Door Supervisor qualification is the first step towards getting an SIA licence. After this you would then be able to work in security manned guarding, key holding etc. Industry, which is governed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) UK. If you see yourself working as a security guard or in this industry, then this is the right course for you.

Outlined below are some of the other training and qualifications we offer:

  • SIA licence
  • Conflict Management
  • First Aid
  • Food Safety
  • Health and Safety
  • Health and Social Care
  • Infection Control
  • Licensing
  • Manual Handling
  • Stewarding

You can book your course today to secure your place and take your first step towards a new career. The course is run every 2 weeks, over a period of 5 days. At the end of the course, which is the final day there is an examination, which consists of three multiple-choice exams and a practical assessment. We do understand that taking exams can be a daunting task, but let us assure you that you will be getting the best support and service to ensure your success.

You can check our upcoming course dates by calling us on 02082650475 or email us at ufp@uniquefrontline.com and you will get further information and the exact course starting date.

We have one of the best and highest pass rates in the industry thanks to our highly experienced and best quality of training providers.

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