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Door Supervision

We provide active or passive security services tailored to the needs of our customers. UFP is aware of the present disposition of our changing communities and acknowledge the need to provide that extra vigilance.
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Cctv Technician Fixing Camera

Retail Security

Our expectation is to protect your business and services from theft, disruption and vandalism from anyone who accesses your business. We at Unique Frontline Protection (UFP) can offer you efficient security services that will meet your expectation through our highly trained, dedicated and trustworthy staff stationed at your preferred location.
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Secret Service Agent Listens To Earpiece, Close Side

Commercial Property Security

We know vandalism is a major problem in the commercial sector and often times they are not captured by CCTV. UFP personnel will deter intended unauthorised persons by conducting routine patrols as agreed with you, apprehend and call for support and prevent/report vandalism.
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