Cctv Technician Fixing CameraUK Retail Security, prevent stores from theft and loss

Retail security could be passive or active depending on what is under surveillance.

UFP provide active or passive security services tailored to the needs of our customers. UFP is aware of the present disposition of our changing communities and acknowledge the need to provide that extra vigilance required which will enable us to work and shop in confident and a peaceful environment. We have specialist security officers who are well trained to act with professionalism in order to be an effective deterrent.

Our aim is to protect the store from loss, that is why our loss prevention team are well trained to reduce the losses in the store by patrolling the store as a deterrent.

Our loss prevention aim is not just to focus on external only but also internal to reduce the loss in the store.

We not only make the store safe to shop, we also make the customer want to return to the store through our high standard of customer services.

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We will make the store zero loss free.

From our experience, protection of lives and property spanning through all facets of life in our ever-evolving community demands a dedicated, reliable and well equipped security service we pride ourselves because we are well staffed, well equipped, dedicated and promptly responds customers emergency needs.

That is why our primary goal is to protect and prevent assault from client staff and customers, property, assets and stock, deter person from entering client site to commit theft or other criminal activity and anti-social behaviour we are flexible and ready to work with other affiliated bodies to ensure that contracted security needs are met as intended for the customers.

Our specially trained staff are well equipped to ensure that your retail store is theft free.

We provide some of the following:

  • Specialist security officers for your store.
  • Store Detectives.
  • Working with external agencies.
  • CCTV monitoring.
  • Tag checking and fire exits.
  • Entrance Greetings and information.
  • Loss prevention managers etc.

UFP is an established company well equipped to provide your retail store with top class customer services.

Due to the financial crisis the world is facing at the moment, one of the solution is cut cost to be able to meet up your business overheads that is why UFP limited are there to help. We will provide you with good services at a cut price than our competitors why pay more?

We have the experience and the technical know how to deal with any client’s issue. You can leave all your security worries in our hands.