Company statement:
We are proud to say, we are the one of the few companies that can arrange for security services at a very short notice.

We will not be working with you for the money alone but we have a genuine desire to contribute to the success of your business and also work with you according to your needs supporting you through our professionally trained team, by providing you with a reliable and flexible 24hrs service at a fair price.

Our Management Team:

  • Mr Henry Bergin, former ex forces, trained in forensic and detective work.
  • Mr Manuel Alex, trained as a security high-tech and computing technician.

Our services:

We provide our clients with bespoke services, our commercial officers are trained and specialised in so many duties.

At UFP, we provide:

  • Gate-house security.
  • CCTV monitoring.
  • Traffic management and many more services to our commercial customers.

Our primary focus as a company is to protect your most valuable assets. At Unique Frontline Protection, we aim to provide you with an integrated approach of products and services. This is meant to ensure that your company is totally electronic and you have the physical security solutions to meet your needs. With years of commercial security experience, UFP is the best choice for you.

Retail stores in the UK are facing increasing need for retail security. The challenges faced by today’s stores are enormous. Thieves most often fill their bags with merchandise and exit the store undetected.

Further, employee thefts are also on the rise. This and other factors contribute to high shrinkage at most retail shopping stores.

We at Unique Frontline Protection can provide your retail store with the best plan of action to stop shrinkage and the continuation of theft from your store. We tailor our security systems and services to meet our client’s needs. We will provide your company with superior retail security services. Our specially trained staff are well equipped to ensure that your retail store is theft free. They act with the highest level of professionalism and their physical presence at your store will deter thieves.

Door Supervision:
Unique Frontline Protection have highly trained staff. Fully licensed security officers ensure that our customers receive the best services.

We provide innovative and integrated security solutions to our clients, both commercial and public sector organisations covering the whole of the United Kingdom. Our security officers undergo 5 years of security checks before embarking on any security duties.

We have highly experienced staff to provide cover in an emergency and to assist with any other security needs.

UFP provide:

  • Licensed Security Guards.
  • Mobile Patrols.
  • Door Supervisors and Close Protection Body Guards.

UFP, the best choice for security solutions through to the development of the most advanced Door Supervisor of its kind.

Training Courses:

We also providing Welfare Officers for Wine Bars, Night Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants, Music Events etc. in line with Local Authorities license officer requirements